Computerized color matching

Computerized color matching

Perfectly matching the color of the car after having dent or damage to the outer body is a very crucial step. We at Matrix take, this step very seriously and use computerized color matching solutions to match the exact color of the car and bring back the look of a car as it was first purchased.

To get the perfect match of a car body shop requires the right technology, tools, and experience. Matrix not only has the expertise team but also has the latest technology to get a shade of the car as precise as possible. Our team at Matrix is trained and knowledgeable to access the database of factory paint colors and pulling the exact color codes. We use the same computerized method where machine mixes the paint and brings the exact paint of car’s body.

One of the most important parts of service after an accident or scratch is body and paint, if it’s done correctly than your car is ready to shine. We at Matrix assure you that we use high-quality paints that last long. It’s a challenge to retain a car’s color to its original color our expert team uses the computerized color matching solutions to deliver the better and quality service as expected by our customers.

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