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From Yelp:

“I was extremely impressed by the service I received at Matrix. I have had a bit of a turbulent past with car repair facilities, and was apprehensive when I got into a car accident and had to find a repair facility.
I shouldn’t have worried.
I actually ended up at Matrix for the initial damage estimate for my insurance company, and stayed because of the knowledgeable and helpful staff. They were very understanding about my anxiety, and even helped me get into a rental car.
While they had my car, they kept myself and my father well informed of their progress, and I was treated with kindness and understanding. It is hard to deal with an accident and repairs during the holidays, and I still got my car back in under two weeks.
When I did pick my car up, I received a car that was in better shape than it was before my accident. They worked with my insurance company to get the paint blended through the whole car, and not just the area affected by the accident, so that the paint job seemed more seamless. The car drives wonderfully and they even washed it for me.
I would recommend Matrix to anyone looking for a hassle free repair shop with a kind staff and knowledgeable workers.” – Samantha M., Los Angeles, CA


“Great service, very knowledgable team, they really did a great job on my car.  My car was stolen and pretty damaged when recovered; Matrix handled everything from pulling the car out of the tow yard to negotiating with my insurer on my behalf.  Car was returned to me in perfect condition, body work is really beautiful.  Just a great experience all-around.” – Matt K., Culver City, CA


“Brought my car here after I got into a bad accident after being referred by Progressive insurance to do so.  They were super nice and offered car service to pick me up and drop me off which was very helpful. Finished the work in a timely manner and now my car is in the best shape i’ve ever seen it! I have no complaints.” – Anna G., West Hollywood, CA


“This is my go-to body shop. First and foremost the quality of repair work is exceptional. The employees are welcoming, professional and pleasant to work with. The fact that this place is family owned and operated is apparent from the moment you walk into the facility to the moment you pick up your shiny, brand-new looking car.

This shop is especially skilled at matching paint colors, particularly when it comes to shades of white (a very difficult color to match due to the varying hues of yellow). I recently had my pearl white (White Diamond Tricoat) 2012 Chevy Volt repaired here after it was hit by an RV. I was thrilled with the quality of work that was performed; the car looked better when I picked it up from Matrix than it did the day I picked it up at the dealership. I am a car enthusiast and I have owned all sorts of cars and I can honestly say that regardless of whether my car is a Ferrari or a Fiat, I would not trust any other facility for my repair needs.” – Nima A., Pacific Palisades, CA


“I wouldn’t say I’m a BAD driver.  Let’s just say I have a charmingly distractible personality.  As in “oooh, look at that cool building…I’ve never noticed it be….BAMMO!”
Add to that the fact that I have a “garage” the size of my nostril (but at least I don’t have to park on my driver-side-mirror annihilating skinny street in FairHo) and you have a recipe for scrapes, bruises, dents, and outright beautiful car abuse.  And as I’ve said before, I love my little black Betty, who has been ever so good to me in the four years I’ve leased her, so it breaks my heart to see her gorgeous body so mis-treated.

I’d just had her detailed (they see me coming, I swear) a few times, and the very able gents at Majestic Car Wash on Third have performed miraculous interventions, but when the teeny little VW Bug bashed into me in the Whole Foods parking lot it did more damage than I could have imagined.  I stayed remarkably calm (it helped that the nice lady driving it had a Planned Parenthood bumper sticker) and we exchanged insurance information.  For once it wasn’t my fault, and miracle of miracles, my hugely overpriced insurance company waved the deductible and recommended Matrix Collision on La Cienaga near Pico.

Besides sending me Westways Magazine, it’s the best thing they’ve done for me (note: since then I’ve changed insurance thanks to a fabulous broker I’ll be yelping).

Matrix was the best of surprises. Besides being in my hood (kinda) and easy to reach, they were spotlessly clean, friendly, and most of all efficient.  When I arrived the peppy office assistant greeted me and immediately assigned me to one of the gents in the front office who would handle my “case.”   I was lucky enough to get the personable and courteous Jovan (sp?), who after inspecting Betty said that she’d be ready by Friday (this was a Monday).

“Sure, sure” I thought.  “More like three Fridays from now…” (cause that had been my experience at other body shops).  They then got me the Enterprise van (Ms. Peppy Front Desk Lady called and said “My customer’s been waiting for too long!!!” and winked at me, ’cause I’d only been there about five minutes).

On Thursday I got a call letting me know my car was ready.  When I said I couldn’t pick it up until Monday because of work-related stuff, they were totally copacetic.  When I showed up on Monday morning, Jovan was waiting for me with a grin. He remembered my name immediately, had the paperwork all ready, and walked me around the newly gorgeous Betty.  They did a great job, with no hassle whatsoever, and maximum integrity.  So folks, if you’re going to get hit or hit someone with your car in LA, go to Matrix.  I mean it. It’s the best body shop experience I’ve had, and I’ve had a few since I’ve been here.

Now I drive a bit more gingerly and glance in my rearview mirror alot more. As much as I love Matrix, I don’t want to become a regular there.” – Valentina D., Miami, FL